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Weds. 10/26

Thurs. 10/27

Fri. 10/28

Sessions subject to change.  

Start End Title/Description Location
    Breakfast Forest Ballroom
8 a.m. 5 p.m. Registration, Raffle Tickets, and Meet Your Match Submission East Lobby Entrance
9 a.m. 5 p.m. Exhibit Hall Open Exhibit Hall
8:30 a.m. 9:30 a.m. Breakout Sessions Block 3  

Evolving the Admissions Office to Make Deeper Connections With High School StudentsWith changing enrollment strategies, institutions across the globe are re-evaluating their admissions and recruitment methods. This session covers a new way enrollment leaders can leverage data gathered from the country's largest credential exchange to uncover new recruitment opportunities from high schools and then streamline the admissions processes so that they can more quickly admit students.

Presenter: Julie Wakefield, Parchment


Paradigm Diplomas, Done Right: A Comprehensive Credentialing Solution - Paradigm – The Complete Online Platform: 30+ Years’ Experience. Diplomas, Certificates, Covers, Digital & More. Speed (up to 24-hour turnaround). Accuracy. Quality. DirectShipTM. MyReOrderTM. MyHoldTM. Phenomenal Customer Service! Scalable CLR.When integrity matters, make the Paradigm shift.

Presenter: Elizabeth Kunde, Paradigm, Inc


Illinois MyCreditsTransfer - A Great Resource for YouAttend this session to learn about the resources MyCreditsTransfer (MCT) has to offer your institution. While MCT has been around for many years, much is new and improved. We are excited to talk about transfer with you, hear what your challenges are and discuss ways we can help. Among the benefits of participation in MCT, we can share best practices to develop and manage articulations, tools to expand your articulations - overall or in specific regions, transfer advising tools and more.

Presenters:  Dena Lawrence, Illinois MyCreditsTransfer, Gina Modica, Illinois MyCreditsTransfer,and Julian Parrott, University of Illinois System Office


State of Illinois Updates - Join this session for a statewide level update from two of our coordinating agencies.

Presenters: Stephanie Bernoteit, Illinois Board of Higher Education and Marcus Brown, Illinois Community College Board 

9:45 a.m. 10:45 a.m. Breakout Sessions Block 4  

Athletic Eligibility Student Records & Athletics CollaborationAt many community colleges, the bulk of athletic eligibility is completed within the Athletics Department. However, many of the required items fall within Student Records: official transcripts, class schedules, FERPA, etc. This session will provide information and examples on how the College of DuPage, an NJCAA member institution, has benefitted and thrived by having their Student Records department become a key player in the academic athletic eligibility process.

Presenter: Jill Pierson, College of DuPage, and Julie Vranek, College of DuPage


So you want to get promoted? How to improve your Emotional Intelligence skills to get yourself prepared for a leadership position.High turnover in the higher ed environment is compelling more leaders to promote admissions professionals who may not have leadership training. This session explores the application of emotional intelligence to the leadership preparation process and the benefits for the entire admissions team. You will leave with a solid understanding of the characteristics of emotionally intelligent leaders, along with practical techniques for building staff relationships, even across departments.

Presenter: DeVon Hunt, Inroads Academy


Finding Tools to Lead When Everything Keeps Changing - The tasks we have to get done each semester don't change, but everything else seems to from the people, the expectations or the new institutional priorities. There has never been enough time to get everything done and now the team is being asked for more. Can you relate? We'll look at a couple strategies that have worked for our team allowing us to stay positive and be focused.

Presenter: Mark Mountain, Olivet Nazarene University


Complete Outreach, CompleteU: How to Recruit Back 39 Million Stopout Students - There are 39 million stopout students in the United States, and very few schools have the resources, time, and staff to consistently reach out to them to help them re-enroll. CompleteU will share some things you can do to bring back some of these students while increasing graduation and retention rates.

Presenter: John Meyer, CEO and Co-Founder of CompleteU
10:45 a.m. 11:00 a.m. Morning Break Exhibit Hall
11 a.m. 12 p.m. Breakout Sessions Block 5  

A Closer Look: Transfer credit degree applicability and how it informs policy - This session will present a recent study by the University of Illinois System on course articulation and applicability to degree requirements. We will discuss conclusions that can be drawn from the data, along with challenges and potential policy considerations. A better understanding of this issue is vitally important for service to our transfer students. Effective transfer articulation directly impacts the cost of a degree, time to degree, degree completion, and institutional partnerships.

Presenters: Dena Lawrence, University of Illinois System, Gina Modica, University of Illinois System, and Holly Pflum, University of Illinois System


Integrate Your Academic Operations for Student Success - Colleges and universities looking to meet the evolving demands of students and thrive, even survive, in this new postsecondary education landscape must examine the back-office processes that facilitate education delivery to students, known as academic operations. Integrating these often-siloed processes allows your institution to sustainably operate and support on-time completions for students.

In this presentation you'll take away:

  • Academic operations’ impact on student success
  • The case for integrating your academic operations
  • How to achieve academic operational excellence

Presenter: Patrick Manchester, Coursedog


Bridging the Gap Between Generation Z and Past GenerationsGeneration Z is here and already leaving their mark on the 21st century. However, there has been a challenge for higher education professionals regarding understanding, adapting, and providing support to this unique generation of students. This session will break down students in Generation Z as well as share strategies on how to bridge the gap between this new generation and generations of the past. The future of higher education depends on us and them working together.

Presenter: Jeff McGoy, Southern Illinois University Carbondale


National Student Clearinghouse - Support Student and Alumni Success with Myhub and NextGen Transcripts solution - Empower your students and alumni by providing access to their educational and co-curricular accomplishments and streamlined transcript ordering. Join NSC to see how Myhub and our NextGen transcripts work in tandem to highlight the individual learners accomplishments, all while providing a simple and fast transcript ordering process - all in one place.

Presenter: Paul Wright, National Student Clearinghouse

12 p.m. 2:30 p.m. Lunch/Business Meeting/District Meetings Forest Ballroom
2:30 p.m. 3:30 p.m. Breakout Sessions Block 6  

Things I Wish I Had Known Before Becoming a RegistrarAre you thinking about becoming a registrar or just want to learn more about what registrars do? Join this session to hear what areas/items two seasoned registrars wish they had known more about before stepping into the registrar position. Come hear what they have to say through the sharing of some of their experiences and lessons learned.

Presenters: Dan Weber, Aurora University and Chris Huang, Purdue University Fort Wayne


Non-traditional Students | The Future of Higher Ed Enrollment and How to PrepareAs the number of traditional college-bound students also decreases, many institutions are turning to nontraditional students as the next wave of innovation and growth in the industry. This demo-intensive session will provide an overview of challenges currently faced across the industry as well as techniques for more effectively engaging with nontraditional candidates to increase enrollment yield.

Presenter: Larry Grey, Mutara Inc.


Transferology News - This session will provide a demo of Transferology, discuss recent updates, and answer all your questions. We will talk about how Illinois uses Transferology, how it can help your institution build articulations and why it is an important tool for your transfer students. Usage in Illinois keeps growing. Ever wonder why? Attend this session to learn the secret to our success.

Presenters: Dena Lawrence and Gina Modica, MyCredits Transfer, and Don Dudley, CollegeSource

 6.4  Tiktok University: Meeting Students Where They Are To Improve Registration - When resources are limited and enrollment is down or flat, you can’t just spend more or ask your team to do more. It’s necessary to take a fundamentally different approach, and that’s what 150+ colleges and universities across the world are now doing with Motimatic. 

Join our session to learn how Motimatic cuts through the noise to reach, motivate and convert your students, without IT integration or a long implementation. Our pay-only-for-results approach ensures your institution shows up across the channels that matter most for your students. And, our science-backed methodology helps those students take action, and as a result—we helped higher ed register 13K+ students in August 2022 alone.

Presenter: Amanda Hearn, Motimatic

Degree Completion with a Purpose: Automating the Degree Audit/Review Process - The main challenge for institutions engaging in degree reclamation strategies is the significant amount of work necessary to manually review transcripts. In many cases, an institution’s primary need for additional staff overtime is the result of inadequate technological capacity to automate transcript reviews. Because the degree audit process is one of the most time-consuming components of the degree reclamation process, a lack of technology and automation can hinder an institution’s ability to complete the work efficiently and at scale. In this presentation you’ll learn about the necessary steps your institution can take to implement a technological solution to automate degree audits. We’ll also share an innovative, unique strategy to expedite the degree reclamation process to make it complete, sustainable and scalable.

Presenter: Jon Caines, Chief Creator of Opportunity/Co-Founder of Max-Grad

3:30 p.m. 4:30 p.m. Bright Ideas Poster Exhibition and Dedicated Sponsor Time - Meet our sponsors and vote on Bright Ideas for FREE raffle tickets and drink tickets.

Exhibit Hall


4:45 p.m. 5:30 p.m. Past Presidents & Retiree Reception (by invitation)  Check-in Aspen/Willow
5:30 p.m. 6:45 p.m. Family Style Dinner Forest Ballroom
7 p.m. 10 p.m.

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