Embracing Anarchy with Featured Speaker, Russ Devereaux

Each day we are confronted with challenges that are eroding the structures of our society. For decades, these systems have been supporting the world we live in. As humanity is being forced to contemplate a new future, we have an opportunity to reflect upon where we have come from, the injustices entwined, and the gaps of privileges established. Times of uncertainty foster innovation, ingenuity, and creativity. We must step into the unknown with compassion and enthusiastically accept these integral moments. We can systemically analyze our community, acknowledge our inequities, and deliberately work to improve the world for all. Education is an unwavering catalyst for change. During this conversation, we will look at higher education as an empowering element of societal change. Can embracing anarchy provide us the courage to question what has been, the bravery to step out of comfort, and deliberately work to provide a better world for the next generation? 

Featured Speaker Russ Devereaux

 Russ Devereaux is the author of multiple poetry collections including his most recent, Firefly Conspiracies. As a playwright, Russ has written and directed four world premieres. Russ is a National Poetry Slam poet and 2019 Rockford Certified Poetry Slam Champion. Russ is the creator and co-host of The Gateway, a podcast exploring innovation, technology, and humanity. Currently, Russ is the Associate Director and Program Advisor for the Department of Operations Management & Information Systems at Northern Illinois University. Russ oversees the enrollment of retention of numerous academic programs. Russ holds a graduate degree in Psychology and his undergraduate degree in Applied Behavior Sciences, both from National-Louis University. Russ’ career in higher education began at eighteen, when he became an orientation leader during his first year at Elgin Community College. Russ ushers his audience through the most essential moments of life with a spectacular mixture of imagination, humor, and creativity.