Committee Opportunities

The IACRAO provides opportunities to serve on a number of committees. Each of these committees serve in a critical role to help provide services and networking opportunities for IACRAO membership. To inquire or join one of these committees, please contact the respective committee chair.


IACRAO Conference Committee

The Conference Committee will help with all the logistics and help staff of the annual IACRAO conference. A subcommittee of the Conference Committee is the Local Arrangements Committee, which handles logistics with evening social activities and entertainment.

Conference Committee Chair: IACRAO President-Elect 
Contact: Marc Dale, Jr.
Email: [email protected] 


IACRAO Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee’s function is to provide programming that deals with diverse populations to the membership.

Diversity Committee Chair: Equal Educational Opportunities Officer 
Contact: Katherine Delgado
Email: [email protected]


IACRAO Government Relations Committee

The purpose of the Government Relations Committee is to inform IACRAO members of pertinent public policy issues and upcoming and recently enacted legislation that affects work related to the areas of admissions and registrar/student records and assist in providing guidance and information to policy makers on issues that impact IACRAO members . The Government Relations Committee will also work with AACRAO and other Illinois educational professional organizations to respond to any pending or existing legislation at the local, state, and federal level that significantly impacts the work of members.

Government Relations Committee Board Liaison: IACRAO President 
Committee Chair Contact: Jess Ray 
Email: [email protected]


IACRAO Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for generating membership, maintaining directory information, and updating IACRAO's listserv membership for the organization. In addition, the committee will be responsible for engainng with the active members in IACRAO as well. The Treasurer serves at the Membership Committee Chair.

Membership Committee Chair: Treasurer 
Contact: Tenial Whitted
Email: [email protected]


IACRAO Program Committee

The Program Committee provides assistance with the annual conference programming, session planning, and recuiting for the annual IACRAO conference.


IACRAO Technology Advisory Committee

The Technology Advisory Committee will provide advice and guidance to the IACRAO Executive Board on information technology planning, polices, and services necessary to sustain and improve IACRAO’s excellence and cost-effectiveness and to advance the organization’s teaching, learning, research, and service to the members. 
The committee is meant to enable high quality and well informed communication, participation and dialogue on information technology issues, directions and strategies vital to the future of IACRAO.

  • This committee provides advice and policy guidance on all technology issues, strategies, and priorities of importance to IACRAO.

  • This committee will assist with the annual conference. Duties may include but are not limited to: facilitating discussion on technology needs, working directly with hotel staff, working with representatives from institutions re: borrowing necessary equipment and communicating with the conference chair to ensure that all technology needs are met.

Technology Advisory Committee Chair: Technology Chair 
Contact: Patrick Sears 
Email: [email protected]