Leadership Opportunities

Professional Activities Officer
(Executive Board - Voting Member)

Illinois Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers

Election/Term of Office: Bylaws, Article V, Section 7. The professional activities officer shall serve a term of two years. The professional activities officer shall be responsible for coordinating the activities of the association’s district organization through the district chairs.

Reports to: President
Primary Function: To be directly responsible for the supervision and implementation of the various professional activities of IACRAO.

Major Responsibilities:

  1. Attend all meetings of the Executive Board. This will require travel to the meetings which will vary in location. Expenses will be paid by IACRAO. There are three to four meetings each year.

  2. To assist the President in carrying out the responsibility for the continuous education of the membership on matters pertaining to performance of duties in the areas of admissions, records, registration, and higher education in general. Special emphasis should be given to the institutional staff who support professionals holding managerial positions at their school.

  3. To oversee and/or coordinate workshops, seminars, training sessions, and conferences sponsored by IACRAO, IACRAO districts, or an IACRAO committee.

  4. To coordinate the professional activities of the IACRAO districts with district chairs.

  5. To appoint, in consultation with the district chairs, members to professional activities committees, as required and established by the Executive Board.

  6. Submit articles, according to the established guidelines, to Chronicle Editor for publication in the Chronicle.

  7. Coordinates the call for "Bright Ideas" and serves as Chairperson to the selection committee.

  8. Serves as Legislative Liaison for the organization by providing a summary and status report of pertinent bills related to higher education that are being considered and/or have been disposed of by the Illinois State Legislature to the Executive Board and via the Chronicle.

  9. Bring archival material to the conference Executive Board meeting (or as needed) for submission to Archivist.

General: It is the primary responsibility of the Professional Activities Officer to supervise and implement the various professional activities of IACRAO. It is necessary for this individual to be sensitive to the professional needs of districts and individual members, making sure to remain informed regarding legislative changes impacting higher education.