Leadership Opportunities

Past Treasurer
(Executive Board - Ex-Officio)

Illinois Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers
Election/Term of Office: Bylaws, Article V, Section 10. The most recent past treasurer shall, after having served as treasurer, remain a member of the executive board for one additional year.

Reports to: President
Primary Function: To assist the Treasurer as directed

Major Responsibilities: 

  1. Attend all meetings of the Executive Board. This will require travel to the meetings which will vary in location. Expenses will be paid by IACRAO. There are three to four meetings each year.

  2. Responsible to complete the yearly financial review with the current Treasurer, for the year starting the previous June.

  3. Responsible for any expense reimbursements made to the current Treasurer.

  4. Along with the Communications Manager, Treasurer, and Treasurer-Elect, properly respond to all inquiries/questions received via the official IACRAO email account(s) on behalf of the organization.

  5. Along with the Website Manager, serve as an Authorized Service Administrator (ASA) for the MemberClicks system.

  6. Along with the President, Past President, President-Elect, Treasurer, Communications Manager, and Website Manager, responsible for the administration of the MemberClicks system (approving Listserv notifications, updating the system, etc.).

  7. Serve on the Contract Review Committee, a group responsible for reviewing all legal contracts and commitments for the association.

  8. Perform additional duties from time to time as may be assigned to him or her by the Treasurer or the Executive Board.

  9. If the current Treasurer leaves his/her role unexpectedly, the most recent Past Treasurer shall be responsible for the Treasurer’s duties for the remainder of the Treasurer’s term, until the Treasurer-Elect is voted in.

  10. Bring archival material to the conference Executive Board meeting (or as needed) for submission to Archivist.