Leadership Opportunities

District Chairperson
(Executive Board - Voting Member)

Illinois Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers

Election/Term of Office: Bylaws, Article V, Section 13. District Chairpersons. District Chairpersons will serve for one year and succeeds to the office from having been elected as District Chairperson-Elect/Secretary for one year previous.

Reports to: Members of the District/President-Elect
Primary Function: To serve as a member of the IACRAO Executive Board, plan/chair district meetings, and serve as a member of the Program Committee for the IACRAO Annual Meeting.

Major Responsibilities:

  1. Serve as a member of the Executive Board of IACRAO and attend meetings. This will require travel to the meetings which will vary in location. Expenses will be paid by IACRAO. There are three to four meetings each year.

  2. To bring to the Executive Board concerns and issues which are initiated by members of the district and to take back and disseminate information from the Executive Board meetings.

  3. Plan and conduct the district meeting to be held during the IACRAO Annual Meeting. At this meeting, new district officers are elected and the names then submitted to the President of IACRAO. In addition, assist the District Chairperson-Elect/Secretary with planning the annual district spring meeting.

  4. To assist the President-Elect with planning the IACRAO Annual Meeting by suggesting timely subject matter for presentation at the conference. When topics are selected, to recruit moderators, presenters, and a recorder for each program selected. Each district should be prepared to submit four to five topics.

  5. Contact and encourage other postsecondary institutions, within the district, who are not members to become members and participate in the district and state-wide meetings.

  6. Prepare short news items about district activities and forward to the Editor of the Chronicle. Dates of submission will be announced by the Editor at meetings of the Executive Board.

  7. Recommend members of their district to serve on professional activities committees.

  8. Prepare and submit to the Executive Board a budget for expenses that are known for the coming year. This budget is to be submitted by the District Chairperson to the Executive Board at their February meeting.

  9. Bring archival material to the conference Executive Board meeting (or as needed) for submission to Archivist.