A. Samuel Wallgren (1937-38)

A Samuel Wallgren, born in Sweden and immigrated to the United States, first attended North Park as a student. He graduated from the Academy in 1902 and from the junior College in 1904. He then earned A.B. and A.M. degrees from the University of Chicago and in 1909 was elected to Phi Beta Kappa.

Mr. Wallgren taught one year in the Gary High School and returned to North Park as an English teacher in 1909. He served on the North Park teaching faculty beginning in 1909. He was appointed registrar in 1912 and served in that capacity until 1937. He was also academic dean from 1918 until the time of his death in 1940.

The North Park College News stated that, “His qualities of tact and quiet understanding are rare among men.”

(b. 1887; d. August 6, 1940)