Donn Stansbury (1975-1976)

Donn Stansbury earned a Master of Arts degree from the University of Iowa and completed additional post graduate work. While he was Director of Student Personnel Services in Public School District 214 he was asked to consider the Admissions and Registrar position at William Rainey Harper College in Palatine. He began working at Harper a year before it opened its doors to students in 1971 and later became the Vice President of Student Personnel Services.

Attending his first IACRAO meeting in 1966, Donn was impressed with the quality and ability of the attendees. He stated that he was grateful for their willing and expert assistance in providing many outstanding presentations over the years he served on committees and their support when he served as IACRAO President. He noted that two other IACRAO members served as AACRAO President and role models as he became very active in AACRAO serving as chair of several committees and as Vice President of Data Processing and Research.

According to Donn, IACRAO was influential in introducing data processing to many institutions and always supporting professional development of staff. He emphasized that admissions and records staff are extremely important to their institutions as they provide current and accurate data to faculty, administrators and students, deservedly earning their respect.