Ruth Christensen Sproat (1966-1967)

Ruth Christensen Sproat began as a student assistant working in the Registrar's office at Lake Forest College in 1948. After two years, Ms. Sproat decided to devote the majority of her effort to the Registrar's office and continued her studies on a part-time basis. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from LFC in 1954 and a Master's degree from Northwestern University in 1962. Ms. Sproat was appointed Registrar in 1963 and continued in this capacity until 1967 when she resigned and worked at the Industrial Management Institute (now the LFC Graduate School of Management) where she help to develop, launch, and secure accreditation for a master's degree program in business management.

After extensive European travel with her husband, Ms. Sproat became the Director of the Alumni Office of Lake Forest College and acted as the Illinois representative to the first organizational meeting of the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE).

Mr. Sproat's IACRAO activities included those of founder and first editor of the IACRAO Chronicle.She served as President of IACRAO during the time of the Vietnam War. As President of IACRAO she was involved with AACRAO and the U.S. Manpower Division in establishing procedures for reporting the academic status of male students to their local draft boards. She also served as the local arrangements chair for the 1965 AACRAO Annual Meeting in Chicago.

Since leaving Illinois in 1974 Ruth Christensen Sproat has worked in various capacities for the South Carolina Educational TV Network and the University of South Carolina