Dr. Carl Arnold Serenius (1938-39)

Prior to becoming the Registrar and Alumni Secretary at Augustana College in 1934, Dr. C. A. Serenius chaired the departments of psychology and education at Valparaiso University. After only three years as registrar at Augustana, Dr. Serenius was elected as President of the Illinois Association of Collegiate Registrars as well as President of the College Admission Counselors organization. While at Augustana, he also filled the roles of Director of Admissions, professor, choir manager, and Director of the Air Cadet Program during World War II. Toward the end of his tenure at Augustana he served as Vice President of the American College Public Relations Association. The last position held by Dr. Serenius at Augustana College was that of Director of Alumni and Public Relations.

Upon Dr. Serenius's departure, the President of Augustana was quoted as saying that Dr. C. A. Serenius “has given himself unstintedly to the service of the institution in many different capacities and has identified himself with Augustana in a way that makes his going a major loss to the campus.”

After leaving Augustana in 1948, Dr. Serenius held a position in human resources at the Iowa-Illinois Gas and Electric Company. Dr. Serenius and his wife, Blanche, moved to Minnesota in 1973.

(d. May 13, 1984)