Anna Jewett LeFevre Boyer (1927-28)

A much-beloved member of Bradley University (then called Bradley Polytechnic Institute), Ann LeFevre Boyer served as Registrar from l912 to1935. Prior to her work at Bradley, Mrs. Boyer provided ten years of dedicated service to the University of Chicago in the capacity of secretary to the Dean of the School of Education. The faculty of Bradley held her in high esteem and students looked to her as a friend and advisor.

A charter member of the Illinois Collegiate Registrar’s Association Mrs. Boyer held many offices including that of President. At the time of her retirement she was made a life member of the organization “in recognition of her meritorious contributions to the Registrar’s profession.”

Anna LeFevre Boyer was well regarded by her school and the entire academic community as is evidenced by the lives she touched and the work she accomplished. On September 10, 1935, Mrs. Boyer was made an honorary member of the American Association of Collegiate Registrars.

Upon Mrs. Boyer’s retirement Bradley Polytechnic Institute trustees bestowed upon her the honor of “Registrar Emeritus” and commissioned the painting of her portrait to be hung in the registrar’s office.