Elizabeth "Betsy" Kuebler (1985-1986)

Betsy Kuebler began admissions work after two years of teaching English at a junior high school in Connecticut, and serving as a residence hall coordinator at Elmhurst College for two years. She then accepted a position in the office of admissions at Elmhurst College and is currently Director of Graduate Admissions.

Ms. Kuebler has stated that she appreciated the opportunity to serve on the executive board of IACRAO with outstanding leaders in our profession and in the association. She added that, "The friends I made in IACRAO played a significant role in my professional development. They were mentors long before the term became popular. They nurtured me, advised me, supported me, and helped me to be a better admission professional. I think I've stayed in admissions partly because of the support the association and its members have given me."

Betsy Kuebler feels fortunate in working for Elmhurst for over 35 years in a career she has loved. "I think we're fortunate to have each other and to be able to work with fresh, vibrant, enthusiastic students every day we come to work."