Ruth Jass (1964-1965)


Before she was the Registrar at Bradley University, Ruth Jass was a Bradley University student who worked on campus doing clerical office work in the President's office. She continued to work in the President's office for a number of years after her 1948 graduation with a Bachelor of Science degree in Science and Math. At that time, the offices of Admissions and Records were under one person whose passion lay in the admissions field and not the records aspect of his duties. Ruth Jass volunteered to take over the records responsibilities. Ms. Jass admitted that she primarily wrote her own job descriptions and in her words "broadened the scope" of the position. She later earned an M.S. degree in Education.

Ms. Jass was first introduced to IACRAO in the '50s by Bradley's then-Registrar, Asa Carter, and origination member of IACRAO. Ms. Jass was active in IACRAO immediately and was later elected president. Her successful year as president afforded her many fond memories and even better friends.

Ruth Jass later served as president of AACRAO. During her tenure as president at the national level, Ms. Jass had the unwavering support of her friends in IACRAO and with their help was able to ameliorate processes and policies as a means to increase efficiency. In addition to her dedication to her work at her own institution, Ruth Jass continued to diligently work for the betterment of the profession at both the state and national levels. Ruth Jass retired in 1989 after 45 years of service to Bradley University.

Spring 2003 IACRAO Chronicle