Mike Henry (1998-1999)

Mike Henry earned his Bachelor's in History and his Master's in Student Personnel Administration. He first gained interest in academic administration during his time as a graduate assistant in the Registrar's office at Indiana University. Mr. Henry went to work at four higher education institutions for a total of 25 years before moving to Illinois where he joined the IACRAO organization.

During his term as IACRAO president, the AACRAO Annual Meeting was held in Chicago where he had the honor of welcoming guests from across the nation and world to Illinois. Special memories of his time in IACRAO include the friends he made in the organization and throughout the profession.

As he looked back on his tim in IACRAO, Mr. Henry said: "I just want to thank all of my IACRAO colleagues for their friendship and helpfulness. It's a great group and organization, and for someone like myself, coming from another state, the fact that i was included and felt right at home immediately shows the type of caring people who belong to this organization."