George A. Hearne (1971-1972)

A Florida native, George A. Hearne earned a bachelor's degree from Bethany College in West Virginia, a masters's of divinity degree from Yale University, a master's degree in higher education guidance and counseling from Illinois State University and honorary doctorate from Bethany College and Culver Stockton College.

After divinity school Mr. Hearne returned to Florida as a minister of a developing church but was still interested in pursuing a position at a church-related liberal arts college. He accepted the position as director of admissions at Eureka College and one year later was promoted to registrar and director of admissions. Other positions Mr. Hearne held were dean of students, vice president for student development and executive vice president. He was inaugurated as the 24th president of Eureka College in 1985. Mr. Hearne retired from Eureka College in May 2003 after 44 years at the college.

Mr. Hearne joined IACRAO soon after beginning his career in higher education. In 2002 Mr. Hearne wrote that he recalled the support and relationships established with IACRAO colleagues. "There was never a sense of competitive institutional ism." IACRAO's role in higher education was that of "a model of professionalism and clarity of standards." Mr. Hearne was also a member of AACRAO.

Other activities for George A. Hearne included serving as president of the district board of education, and a fine arts association. He also chaired the Peoria Area Civic Chorale, the Council of Colleges and Universities of the Division of Higher Education, and served on the boards of the Associate Colleges of Illinois, and the Federation of Independent Illinois Colleges and Universities. He has been active in the Rotary Club and the Heartland Partnership.