B. Kirby Browning (1983-1984)

After discharge from the United States Army in 1965, Kirby Browning began his career teaching English at Benton Consolidated High School in Benton, Illinois. Six years later he became principal at Thompsonville High School.

In 1965 he left secondary education to become the Supervisor of Enrollment and Registration in the Office of Admissions and Records at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. After earning his PH.D. in Educational Administration from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale in 1974 he taught upper level courses in Higher Education even after his promotion to Director of Admissions and Records. Dr. Browning held the Director's position from 1974 until the time of his retirement in 1991.

In addition to his service at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Dr. Browning served as a member of the Board of Trustees at Rend Lake College from 1985-1999.

Kirby stated that the first of his six grandchildren was born in 1998 and he discovered that he would rather spend time participating in family activities than in professional activities.