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Illinois Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers

Election/Term of Office: Bylaws, Article V, Section 7. Treasurer. The Treasurer shall serve for a term of two years following one year as Treasurer-Elect.

Reports to: President/Executive Board

Primary Function: To maintain accurate financial information for the Association.

Major Responsibilities:

  1. Attends all Executive meetings.

  2. Maintains any and all savings and checking accounts for the Association.

  3. Receives and disburses all funds as needed and approved.

  4. Prepares periodic treasurer's reports, reflecting income and disbursements, for meetings of the Executive Board.

  5. Prepares an annual treasurer's report for presentation to the general membership at the Annual Meeting.

  6. Prepares preliminary budgets for approval by the Executive Board.

  7. Presents approved budgets to the membership for ratification at the Annual Meeting

  8. Maintains individual debit/credit ledgers for each account category of the budget.

  9. Prepares year-end analysis of budget activity by account category.

  10. Secures services of a certified accountant to perform annual review of IACRAO's financial records and file appropriate tax forms with the federal and state governments

  11. Maintains records and reports as required to the Internal Revenue Service all information relative to the organization's tax exempt status.

  12. Submit budget and financial statements, according to established guidelines, to the editor for publication in the Chronicle.

  13. Maintain a knowledge of district conference budgetary information and share with district chairs prior to the end of December.

  14. Bring archival material to February Board meeting for submission to archivist.

  15. Maintain the membership database. Send membership database to the website manager in September of each year for the membership directory which is housed on the IACRAO website.


It is the primary function of the Treasurer to maintain accurate financial information for the Association.

The Treasurer should have a working knowledge of simple accounting procedures and methods for budgeting the Association's funds for a given year.

The Treasurer should keep the President apprised of the financial standing of the Association.

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