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Illinois Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers

Election/Term of Office: Bylaws, Article V, Section 9. Secretary. The Secretary shall be elected by a the Executive Board at its regular Annual Meeting. The Secretary shall be elected for a term of three years and for one term only.

Reports to: President

Primary Function: To carry out all phases of secretarial duties for the Association.

Major Responsibilities:

  1. Attends all Executive meetings.

  2. Keep and distribute as appropriate the minutes of the Annual Meeting and the Executive Board meetings.

  3. Responsible for the maintaining of a complete file of all minutes of meetings of the IACRAO Executive Board and copies of other records and/or documents relating to normal business conducted by that Board.

  4. Send notices of meetings and the agenda at the direction of the President, including any necessary documents to support the agenda.

  5. Prepare special mailings as directed by the President. This may include special notices on legislative matters, special interest material or items, and any other mailings to the IACRAO membership.

  6. Prepare and maintain a stationery/envelope supply.

  7. Submit articles to the Editor for publication in the Chronicle.

  8. Collect residential addresses for all Executive Board members. Mail to the IACRAO lawyer not later than March 1 of each year. Receive Illinois Annual Report for IACRAO from the lawyer. Sign form and forward to Treasurer to send check for filing fee, who will then forward to appropriate address.

  9. Bring archival material to February Board meeting for submission to archivist.


It is the primary responsibility of the Secretary to carry out all phases of secretarial duties for the Association.

It is necessary for the Secretary to have good organizational and communication skills. It is also necessary for the Secretary to have the time it takes away from his/her job to perform these duties for the Association.

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