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Illinois Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officer

Election/Term of Office: Bylaws, Article V, Section 4. President-Elect. The officers of the association shall be elected annually by the Executive Board at its regular annual meeting. The President-Elect shall become President at the end of his or her term as President-Elect. The President-Elect shall succeed to the presidency should that office become vacant, and under such circumstance, shall be eligible in the following year for a full term as President. The President-Elect shall assist the President in the discharge of his or duties and shall perform such other duties as from time to time may be assigned to him or her by the President or Executive Board.

Reports to: President

Length of Term: This position assumes a three year commitment to the Executive Board of IACRAO, the first year as President-Elect, the second year as President, and the third year as Past President.

Major Responsibilities

  • Assist the President of the Association in all phases of the work of the Association and to represent the President in his/her absence.

  • Attend all Executive Board meetings.

  • Meet with the President as soon as possible to receive information, materials, and information regarding the duties and responsibilities of the President-elect.

  • Read the IACRAO Constitution and Bylaws.

  • Chair the Program Committee for the Annual Meeting. The Program Committee consists of the District Chairpersons, EEO Officer and Local Arrangements Chair as assigned by the President-Elect.

  • Review the suggested calendar of events for the Annual Conference. Flexibility is allowed for those who find a different arrangement suits them better.

  • Submit to archivist any materials that need to be added to the archives.

  • Submit Chronicle articles regarding annual conference.

December Receive previous Conference Evaluations from President. Select Local Arrangements Chair(s) and provide name(s) to President for formal appointment. Begin discussions with Local Arrangement Chair(s) on general plans for the conference. Topics should include conference theme, entertainment, opening and closing speakers, and scheduling a visit to the conference site. Read hotel contract. Identify charges for function space and determine penalties if room block is not met. Hold Program Committee meeting during or after the Executive Board meeting to brainstorm and identify possible session topics and speakers. Assign sessions to Program Committee members.
January Visit conference site with Local Arrangements Chair. Tour meeting rooms, banquet/full session rooms, guest rooms, registration area, vendor area, and storage area. Discuss available technology resources (power strips, projection screens, and internet access), audio visual services, copy services, and meals/breaks. Obtain price listings for all of the above and deadline dates for ordering. Determine number of program sessions needed based on number of available session rooms and number of time slots. Include the sessions and meetings (OAROSUI, ICCAROO, and PICU and also Vendors) that are held at each annual conference.
February Hold Program Committee meeting during or after Executive Board meeting. Distribute session proposal forms. Discuss progress on assigned sessions. Determine which sessions are viable and which should be eliminated. Discuss entertainment, speakers and giveaway item. Work with Local Arrangements Committee to establish a budget for conference. Determine conference registration fees. Consult with AACRAO for a national representative to attend IACRAO annual meeting.
March Program Committee emails progress report to President-Elect including any sessions that are still not finalized.
April Program Committee emails progress report to President-Elect of any problems or special needs regarding program sessions. Entertainment and speakers should be finalized. Deadline to submit Session Proposal forms which includes technology needs, session descriptions, and introductions for speakers. Post conference information on the ListServe. On the IACRAO web site post conference registration link, hotel reservation link.
May President-Elect meets with Local Arrangements Chair to discuss registration process, conference publications, and meals for conference. Program Committee meets during or after Executive Board meeting. Submit the mini-program to the Technology Committee Chair to be posted on the IACRAO web site. Conference program and registration materials should be available on line. Deadline to submit Session Proposal forms which includes technology needs, session descriptions, and introductions for speakers.
June Final call for any additional program sessions. All sessions must have presenters and moderators assigned to them.
July Finalize the program information and begin to create the program. Submit the final program to the Technology Committee Chair to be posted on the IACRAO web site. Ensure that recognition plaques are prepared for presentation at the Annual Conference to the outgoing Executive Board members, outgoing District Chairs, and to individuals receiving honorary memberships (if applicable). Ensure that certificates of appreciation are prepared for the outgoing Chronicle/ Co-Editors when applicable. Once final program is posted to web, send notice on ListServe to members that Conference information is available on the web site.
August Continue to send additional conference information including updated mini-program to the Technology Committee Chair to be updated on the web site. Order plaque with gavel in recognition of outgoing President and a token of appreciation for the Local Arrangements Chair. Reserve rooms at conference hotel for President, President-Elect, Local Arrangements Chair, and AACRAO representative, speakers if applicable.
September All equipment needs for sessions are identified and sent to the Local Arrangements Chair and Technology Committee. Work with Local Arrangements Committee to solicit items to raffle. Prepare an evaluation form for individual sessions and the conference in general. Contact OAROSUI, ICCAROO, and PICU to inform them if they want refreshments at their meeting they need to order and arrange payment through the hotel catering director. Send out a call on the ListServe for session moderators.
October President-Elect sends reminders to all individuals involved with program sessions. Printed conference program is available. President-Elect prepares any last minute program changes to be included as updates in conference materials. Facilitate Moderator Session at Annual Conference (Wednesday morning). Secure moderators for each session that is not covered during the Tuesday night conference preparation Board meeting. Provide evaluation forms and presenter biographies. Prepare any items to be discussed at the annual meeting upon assuming the position of President. Prepare a brief agenda for the first Executive Board meeting to be held on the last day of the conference.
November Request that the Treasurer prepare a final financial report of the Annual Conference for the February Executive Board meeting.

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