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President Illinois Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers

Election/Term of Office: Bylaws, Article V, Section 3. President. The President shall assume office after serving as President-Elect and shall serve only one term of one year.

Reports to: Executive Board

Primary Function:To preside at all meetings of the members and of the Executive Board.

Major Responsibilities:

  1. Call at least three meetings of the Executive Board each year.

  2. Prepare the agenda for the Executive Board meetings and for the Annual Meeting.

  3. Should the office of Past President become vacant, the President shall appoint, with the approval of the Executive Board, a former Past President to fill the remaining term.

  4. 4. Should one of the offices listed below become vacant, the President may appoint, with the approval of the Executive Board, an institutional member to fill the vacancy and for the remaining period of time until the next annual meeting and when new officers are elected.

  5. Appoint ad hoc committees as necessary to study, revise, update, or prepare new publications, make recommendations regarding policies and/or procedures as relates to admissions, records, registration, and financial aid.

  6. Represent IACRAO at the request of other professional associations/organizations, and as necessary.

  7. Represent IACRAO by attending the AACRAO President’s Reception for Regional Presidents, and the AACRAO session for Presidents and Presidents-elect.

  8. Choose a local restaurant for the IACRAO hospitality dinner at the Annual AACRAO Conference. Contact the IACRAO members attending AACRAO to secure an accurate number that will attend the dinner. Make the reservations.

  9. A token of appreciation is also given to the President-Elect for planning the annual meeting. When applicable, prepare certificates of appreciation for those receiving recognition for outstanding contribution.

  10. Pay tributes to retirees, Professional Papers Award recipients, and honorary membership recipients at the Annual Meeting.

  11. Oversee the responsibilities of the Executive Board members and assist when appropriate and necessary.

  12. Solicit vendors and sponsorship for the Annual Meeting. Request donated promo items to include in handout packets.

  13. Serve as escort/host to the AACRAO representative at the Annual Meeting.

  14. Facilitate New Member Orientation at Annual Meeting.

  15. Review and approve President-Elect’s recommendation regarding Local Arrangements Chair(s) for the next Annual Conference. Formally appoint individual(s) at next Executive Board meeting.

  16. Submit articles, according to established guidelines, to the editor for publication in the Chronicle.

  17. Work with the Technology Committee Chair to update the AACRAO website with IACRAO information, e.g., annual conference meeting dates and location, president, president-elect and treasurer contact information.

  18. Bring archival material to February Board meeting for submission to archivist.

It is the primary responsibility of the President to assume the key leadership position in the Association. The President conducts the business of the Association through the Executive Board and represents the regional Association at AACRAO.

It is necessary for the President to be knowledgeable about the duties and responsibilities of all Executive Board positions, the goals of the Association, and the relationship between the regional Association and AACRAO.

The President shall possess the leadership and organizational skills necessary to serve successfully in this position.

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