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IACRAO listserv

The IACRAO listserv was created to facilitate discussions among members. Your yearly IACRAO membership renewal form has a box to check if you do NOT wish to be included on this listserv. Please review the form carefully before you submit each year.

Unsubscribing to IACRAO-listserv

If you wish to unsubscribe from the IACRAO listserv, send an email to the following address (be sure to remove your signature): To: listserv@ilstu.edu

Subject: (leave blank)
Body of Message: unsubscribe iacrao-l

To Set Yourself to Digest

If you wish to receive the digest version of the IACRAO listserv (one email a day, which includes each message sent to the list, rather than every message separately), send an email as instructed below:


Subject: (leave blank)
Body of message: SET IACRAO-L DIGEST

E-Mail Filters

The IACRAO listserv most days has very light traffic. Occasionally, a certain topic will generate a bit of discussion. If you do now want to flood your inbox with these messages, we recommend using filters with your email client to control where these emails go when delivered to you. Contact your local technical support staff for help creating filters.


When responding to the IACRAO listserv, please refrain from using one word replies (Ex: “Thanks”) as this generates more e-mail messages to everyone. Clicking “Reply” will send your reply to the entire list. If you wish to reply to only the person who sent the message, click forward, and enter the e-mail address of the person you intend to send to (you can find their address in the “details” of the original message).

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