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IACRAO Member Benefits

IACRAO provides several types of service to its members, ranging from the formal Annual Meeting to the less formal Drive-In workshops, district meetings, and The Chronicle newsletter.

Late October every year, IACRAO holds its Annual Meeting. At the Annual Meeting, IACRAOans may participate in workshops devoted to various topics related to the admissions, registrations, or records functions of educational institutions. The Annual Meeting provides and opportunity for IACRAO members to meet with peers and associates to discuss common problems and to share successes and concerns.

Along with our Annual Conference, IACRAO holds a Spring District Meetings for members in each of the five IACRAO district. These meetings are directed toward the special needs or interests of the districts' individual members. Bringing members together for District Meetings to discuss topics of mutual interest is yet another avenue for the educational and professional development of IACRAO members. In addition to the value gained from discussions and presentations held at District Meetings, IACRAO members are able to develop a local network with others in their profession.

The IACRAO mentoring program is designed to provide a support system for new professionals in the field. We believe mentoring is a fantastic way to share knowledge and experience. It is also a great way to network in Higher Education.

IACRAO publishes a newsletter, The Chronicle, three to four times per year. The Chronicle covers the organizational activities as well as individual accomplishments of IACRAO members. Articles are published which spotlight issues that affect the admissions and records functions of educational institutions. The Chronicle is provided to all organizational members as a mechanism for providing educational and professional development for the members of IACRAO.

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